Week in Review - 14/04/2017

Stardust Update now Live!

Rally your guildmates and prepare yourselves for glorious battle, our first major update “Stardust” is now live!

Store Update: New Costumes!

Here’s your chance to outdo everyone in Faerie’s Funland by wearing the most exclusive and glorious costumes!

Soul Crystals & Soul Grid

Check out how to improve your might via the Soul Grid & Soul Crystals system!

Road to 69 Winners

The winners for our Road to level 69 video contest are in! Thanks for all the amazing submissions, helping us shape the Revelation Online memory by letting us accompany them on their journey throughout Nuanor. Please join us in congratulating the winners!
First place was awarded to Loid for his entertaining entry!

To see all the winners of our contest, please visit Road to 69 - The Winners.

Concept Art of the Week!

Beware the crafty Volopine’s who will find ways to play tricks on you in Faerie’s Funland and Oneiric Trials!


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