Week in Review - 12/05/2017


Cold and calculated, or gentle and misunderstood? Meet Shinji, the future king who walks his own path.

Snowpine Reach

Biting weather and bitter rivalry awaits you in Snowpine Reach – wrap up warm!

Samba in Snowpine

This weekend we challenge you and your friends to brave the cold northern forests surrounding Snowpine Reach and seek out either the Wingar or the Ursids and show off your best dance moves and leave it in the comments of the post on Facebook for your chance to win glorious prizes!


Concept Art of the Week!

Everyone must walk their own path to greatness, but all roads start in the sleepy village of Emerald Falls!


Guild Posters of the Week!

For this week we have decided to revisit Guild Propaganda thread and showcase some these, so without further ado we would like to share Gygax representing Myrmidons, U_5926698 representing LanceA and Richardrahl representing Aftershock!

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