Uprising Update Coming September 14th!

Get ready to battle for server firsts, rise to level 79 and tackle new content in our Uprising Update, coming to the world of Nuanor on September 14th!

This update will bring you the previously announced features:

  • New Dungeon - Altar of Swords (level 70-75)
  • Azure Dragon Guild Tournament for level 70-79 players
  • Level 70+ Soul Crystals granting you enough points to unlock all Soul Grid buffs

But that’s not all, you will also be able to experience features such as:

  • 1 new floor added to the Mech Citadel Scour Dungeon
  • And more!


Server Firsts

Regarding dungeon difficulties and the server firsts, clearing any mode has its own reward, yet it is no surprise that 10 man Expert mode bears the most fruit. Here is but a taste of the challenges and rewards that await you, all of which provide you with a different flying sword mount. This is where the true challenge lies, so gather your comrades and work together for speedy completion – only the fastest and most efficient clears of expert mode will display your worth for all of Nuanor to see:

Altar of Swords

Achievement Reward
G Server First Clear Awakened Golden Flying Sword
G Top 5 Server Clear Golden Flying Sword


There are also Server Firsts to claim on the seal-breaks for the 1 new floor of Mech Citadel Scour Dungeon!

Store Update - Returning Web Sale costumes!

The in-game store will be updated with costumes we have previously featured in our web sales and in addition we are adding Jade Leaf for female characters!


We hope everyone is excited for this update and prepares themselves for the content!

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