Shadowblade Update and Phoenix Packs Now Live!

The time has come for the Assassin to emerge from the mists and inflict the most lethal strikes to the unwary. The Shadowblade Update is now live!

Rally with like-minded heroes in your class area, master new powers with the class and equipment change features, and rule the roads of Nuanor with the Venom ZX500 motorbike!


Jump into the game and explore what the Shadowblade Update has to offer. Remember, there’s always glory to be won.

Phoenix Packs

Arise from the ashes with these latest additions to your ever-expanding wing collection, make your mark on the battlefield with new weapon skins, and amaze your fellow players with the hottest threads.

Phoenix Packs will be available for purchase until December 5th, 14:00 CET (5am PDT) and come in three variations: The Phoenix Pack, the Crimson Phoenix Pack, and the Bird of Prey Pack.


For more details or to purchase Phoenix Packs, visit our Phoenix Packs page.

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