Shadowblade Update: Addressing Mistakes Made

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for your patience while we work to address the recent problems. We wanted to apologize for the inconvenience caused to you by our mistake when we sent out incorrect items to our players. We have studied the situation from all angles and looked into several possible solution.
The solution we arrived upon happens to be the solution we wanted to use the least as its effect would be felt unevenly upon players that had decided to dedicate both their time, and their energy to leveling their characters directly after the Assassins patch.

To clarify and explain the situation -- in our attempt to launch the Assassins Class on schedule and without delay, many teams poured their heart and soul into ensuring we could get the latest content released at the soonest availability. In this marathon, we were human and unfortunately mistakes were made by us and our team. Mistakes that were both foreseeable, and avoidable.
Every item in the RO database has a specific code, and while we were assembling the Shadowblade Update Freepack to give to the playerbase as a surprise giveaway, we mistakenly inserted the code to an item that did not belong in the pack.
This item was the Ultimate Rune Case. The item is exceptionally rare, and extraordinarily powerful. It’s effects if used on a widescale basis would have been devastating to the ecosystem of the game. To mitigate widespread dysfunction we shut down the servers to see if there was a way of mitigating our mistake without affecting the levels gained playing between the time of the patch and when we became aware of the issue.
Unfortunately, issues caused by trading as well as the use of the ultimate rune case, became too complex for us to alleviate. The only solution that had demonstrated an ability to keep the game fair for all players without giving any single player the possibility of an advantage, was to initiate a server wide rollback to the time directly before the patch went live.
We are currently remaking the freepack as the previous pack that was released, upon review and player feedback, was deemed not to be fair to the players in the community. As a result all items garnered from it will be replaced with a new set whose contents will be sent to players when we sufficiently solve the problem. As of now, the new pack will include:

  • Frost Light Rifle Wings (30 days)
  • Little Guy Pet
  • Premium Service Scroll (7 days)
  • Battle Boost Scroll (7 days)
  • Progress Boost Scroll (7 days)
  • Explorer Boost Scroll (7 days)
  • x10 Ascension Essence

The items will be sent to your user profile inventory on ro.my.com.

All players will receive experience and Imperial Notes based upon the in-game level of the character they choose to redeem the compensation, and 10,000 Bronze Shards. This package will be available until January 1st. We strongly suggest you claim the compensation as soon as possible. All the details about the compensation are available here.
Again; it is our most tremendous privilege to bring Revelation Online to all those that love and play the game, and it is our humblest regret that our mistake caused this problem on what would have otherwise been a great launch.
We will strive to do better in the future and continue to give all our players the best content updates possible. If you have any questions regarding this, or other topics, our team is and will be here to help.

Thank you,
The Revelation Online Team

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