The Nuanorian Top-Up Lottery

Ever thought when you’re running around Nuanor what a Revelation Online lottery would look like? Wonder no more! Presenting the first ever Nuanorian Top-Up Lottery with some fantastic prizes up for grabs!
To take part in this fantastic opportunity, all you have to do is top-up your Aurum with any amount (mobile payments included) between Wednesday, June 13th (14:00 CEST/05:00 PDT) and Sunday, June 17th (14:00 CEST/05:00 PDT) and you will be entered into the first ever Revelation Online lottery!



Total number of Prizes Prize
1 3 1x Ashen Phoenix Wings
2 10 1x Ashen Embers
3 50 20x Divine Dao

1 / 1
Ashen Phoenix Wings
Ashen Embers

That’s right! It’s as simple as that, just top your account up with Aurum and you will be entered into the lottery for your chance to win something glorious!
Winners of the lottery will be announced on Tuesday, June 19th, so don’t delay top-up and secure your spot in the lottery now!

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