Exclusive Collector Packs now available!

Heroes of Nuanor, get ready to reinvent yourself with our selection of Collector Packs – the perfect way to gain stylish outfits and accessories, rare wings, an exclusive* mount and several months of premium bonus at a whopping discount! Spread free your new wings, rise like a phoenix and show Nuanor the new you!


*The exclusivity of the pack’s content is limited to one year from its introduction.


Reimagine yourself with any of our three packs – Let’s take a closer look at our Inventor Pack, Wild Wind Pack and, Deluxe Collector Packs.

Show your innovative side with the Inventor Pack, granting you the coveted Inventor title and a stylish outfit to match, along with a gorgeous head accessory and 30 days of Premium Service – or run wild and free with the Wild Wind Pack, containing the graceful Silvermoon Wings, the Wildwind Outfit, a graceful majestic Moondrinker Deer mount and 60 days of Premium Scrolls!

If these fantastic offers aren’t enough you are still craving even more from these offers, then prepare yourself for the Deluxe Collector Pack, giving you access to receive everything from the Inventor & Wild Wind Packs at a discounted price! For more information on these irresistible offers and the contents of each pack, simply head on over to our Collector Packs Page.


New to Revelation Online? Then what are you waiting for!? With the Open Beta in full swing since the 6th of March, you can dive right into the world of Nuanor right now! Simply head over to our Download Page, grab the Revelation Online client and let your epic adventure begin! Like what you see? Then consider the Collector Packs – chock full of goodies and boosts to give your upcoming journey a fashionable kick-start.

Regardless of whether you are a winged veteran or aspiring journeyman, don’t forget to check out our Revelation Online Collector Packs FAQ for more details.

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