3 vs 3 Arenas

Every adventurer needs to know how to put up their dukes and dish out the pain. It's a dangerous world, after all, and sometimes the fight comes to you. In Nuanor, hostilities can emerge from where friendships once stood strong, and your enemies' own foes can serve as useful allies. To learn the power of a solid team, and to protect yourself from bloodthirsty rogues, you'll need the right venue. You need an Arena.

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To find an Arena in Revelation Online, press the H key. This brings up the Arena Menu. Here, you can choose between two distinct PvP styles. The first, called Tier Contests, can be entered Monday to Friday between 19:00 and midnight, or between 14:00 and midnight on Saturdays and Sundays. Tier contests require groups of three, and all players have their levels adjusted to 79.


Each tier offers different rewards, and all rewards in a contest tier include Valor and Army Coins proportionate to its difficulty. Queuing Battles can be entered daily from noon to 2:00 am, and you can enter solo. Players' levels are all adjusted to 79 here, as well, and victories in this arena will earn you amounts of Valor and Army Coins that vary based on difficulty.


Both Queuing Battles and Tier Contests cycle between three maps that are chosen at random. The maps: Brawler's Terrace, Arena of Death, and Triple Threat. Each distinctive map has its own advantages.

To get started, assemble your team, choose the arena, then duke it out!

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